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Risks of retirement: longevity.

Living a long and happy retirement is a dream of many – unless you run out of money. How can you make sure your savings last as long as you need them?
Other risks of retirement.
  • Market Volatility
    Market volatility

    The investment marketplace seems wildly unpredictable.

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  • Interest Rates
    Interest rates

    Low interest rates mean "safe" investments might not pay off.

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  • Rising Costs
    Rising costs

    Inflation steadily reduces the purchasing power of savings.

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  • Retirement is risky.
    Inflation. Where you allocate your investments. A dip in return rates shortly after you retire. How much income you take from your savings each year in retirement. All of these factors – some you control, but most you don’t – pose risks to your retirement. Combined with the four risks we highlight throughout this site, these things can make living a long and successful retirement seem out of reach. But annuities can help, with protected income that’s guaranteed to last as long as you do.
  • Retirements are getting longer.
    Americans are living longer than their grandparents did. An average 65-year-old man may expect to live to over 84, and an average woman the same age is expected to live to over 86.¹ But a longer life is not necessarily a healthy one: older Americans are experiencing increases in some chronic health conditions, and some are retiring earlier than planned because of health issues.²
  • Plan for the unexpected.
    Declining health combined with the ever-increasing cost of health care accounts for a large portion of retirement expenses. You’ll need to save for whatever Medicare doesn’t cover, and consider things like home health or long-term care. Luckily, different kinds of annuities can help you combat longevity risk in different ways. And all of our annuity products can deliver you a guaranteed income stream for the rest of your long life.
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