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MEMBERS® Select Fixed Annuity II

Guaranteed, steady growth lets you plan your retirement with confidence. Issued by CMFG Life Insurance Company.
Today's retirement landscape is full of new risks:
  • Market volatility

    The investment marketplace seems wildly unpredictable.

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  • Longevity

    We're living longer, and without pensions.

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  • Interest rates

    Low interest rates mean "safe" investments might not pay off.

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  • Rising Costs
    Rising costs

    Inflation steadily reduces the purchasing power of savings.

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  • Reliable growth.
    Make sure your retirement income is there when you need it. With this sound, stable investment, your principal is protected.
  • Options to fit your goals.
    Choose a guaranteed return rate for 5, 7 or 10 years. Your principal is protected until you're ready to convert it into an income stream.
  • No fees.
    With no contract, administrative or upfront fees, your money goes to work for you immediately.
Other Fixed Annuities
  • MEMBERS® Focus Fixed Annuity
    Guaranteed rates with no upfront fees.
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